Asian games

Asian games

The human brain is the most developed of all animals. On the strength of his brain, he has dominated the whole world and is progressing day by day.

Sports are essential for the all-round development of an individual. George Bernard Shaw said that we should not stop playing just because we grow old. Because we stop playing.

To keep body parts active

asian games
Asian games

Due to the active functioning of the body parts during sports, immunity also increases. Swami Vivekananda had said that if you want to understand the meaning of Gita, go to the ground before it and play football.

The great philosopher Plato said that it is better to inculcate discipline through play than to punish a child. Because the defeat and victory that comes from natural sportsmanship inspire us to maintain balance in a time of success and failure in life.


Many people think that playing sports is a waste of time. Exercise is enough for health, but it is not right. Playing sports not only improves the health of a person but also develops such qualities which have special importance in life and which cannot be achieved by normal exercise,

such as not being arrogant in winning, not giving up patience in losing, Do not give up courage, tolerating if hurt by others, working according to rules for a specific goal, etc.

Sports from the point of view of education and employment-

Sports are very important from the point of view of education and employment. “You will study, you will become a Nawab, you will play, you will jump, you will be spoiled” is an immature thought. Maturity tells us that a healthy mind develops from a healthy body. In ancient times,

along with learning the art of war, soldiers used to practice sports like wrestling, boxing, and running during military training, then in times of peace, sometimes sports competitions were also organized and the best performance was achieved. The king also used to reward the soldiers.

game 2
game 2

Different types of indigenous sports competitions were the main part of the puck on the general society cosmic festivals. Like wrestling on Nagpanchami and kabaddi give concrete shape to this concept, various sports are organized in present times.

Sports competitions of different levels are organized in every country, in which various competitions are organized at the district, state, and national levels.

Just as players from countries all over the world participate in the Olympic Games, similarly players from many countries across the continent of Asia participate in the Asian Games. Professor Coach Dutt Shoudhi is considered the father of the Asian Games.

The naming of the Asian Games was done by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The motto of the Asian Games is – Always onward.

Organization of the first Asian Games

Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and other countries participated. The Asian Games are held at an interval of four years. These games are regulated by the Olympic Council of Asia under the supervision of the International Olympic Council.

Gold medals are awarded for first place, silver for second, and bronze for third in each competition.

Asian Games
Asian Games

The Asian Games are organized with a specific goal in mind. Just as the continent of Asia is progressing towards progress in science, technology,

literature, and the military field, it is moving towards its goal at the global level, in the same way, organizing Asiad is also a world-class sports event.

For example, it is done to make a special place in the Olympics, etc. In the Asian Games, players keep the spirit of competition alive by participating in various sports with sportsmanship.

At an interval every four years, they get an opportunity to go to different Asian countries in turn and get acquainted with each other there.

The participants also get acquainted with the language, dress, food, and customs of Asian countries. Players gain experience from each other in sports competitions, and the feeling of nationalism also develops in the player.

Through sports, he lays down his life for his nation’s pride and glory. Sports are also helpful for these players in career building. There is a line in the song:

Unity in diversity is the specialty of India.

Its significance can be seen in the Asian Games. Hockey magician Major Dhyan Chandra’s patriotism is a unique example.

He humbly rejected the German ruler’s request for the nation’s pride and self-respect. Similarly, the incident of Romania in a sailing competition is inspiring for all of us.


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