Better sleeping: what to do for good sleep

better sleeping


Better sleeping: what to do for good sleep

Most people are struggling with a lack of good sleep these days. Especially in big cities, there is a tremendous decline in the quality of sleep.

In such a situation, not only the medical world, but the business world has also become active in presenting its solutions. No stone is being left unturned to give peace of mind to the consumer. (better sleeping)

Best sleep aid 

Eyes are dreaming of settling on the moon, but sleep is missing from those eyes because according to statistics, 2.9 crore Indians are struggling with the problem of poor sleep.

We all know how important is good sleep for good health, good professional efficiency, energetic happy mind. But for most people globally and in India too, a good night’s sleep is a distant dream. The reasons are also no less.

The atmosphere of stress and anxiety is affecting it, the addiction to looking at the smartphone right before sleeping is also spoiling the sleep.

Research shows that 59% of people in India go to sleep only after 11 pm and 88% of these people use their phones just before sleeping, (best sleep aid )

which has a profound impact on the quality of sleep. At the same time, some other research says that rising temperatures and pollution are also stealing sleep.

But where is the market going to give up? The market has also found its opportunity in this. New experiments, new technology, new medicines related to sleep, a wide-ranging business is developing at the global level only in the name of sleep and is booming.

The global market for companies selling sleep aids, which includes general sleep needs as well as drugs, sleep apnea devices, etc., was estimated to be worth US$74.3 billion in 2021.

It is estimated to reach around US$ 124.97 billion by 2030. It is also fun to know what and how are being used to bring a natural thing like sleep to your beautiful eyes.

Relieve Fatigue in the Sleeping Pod

Tired of traveling and need a good night’s sleep, sleep pods are now available at airports and railway stations. Equipped with modern facilities, phone charging, a locker room, internet, and deluxe bathroom facilities will be available in this pod.

There is talk of making this sleeping pod in Delhi on the lines of Mumbai itself. Where you will be able to stay at a lower rate than the hotel and sleep peacefully.

Bamboo trousers for a good sleep

A pajama that will prove to be helpful in improving your sleep. Pajamas made of bamboo fabric have been introduced in the market, which help in keeping the body temperature stable throughout the night.

That’s why sleep is good. Statistics say that people’s interest in bamboo trousers has increased by 68 percent compared to last year.

Lullabies no lo-fi music

It’s a subgenre of electronic music that claims to improve sleep quality by increasing your mood-boosting hormones. Perhaps. So nowadays lo-fi sleep music has become a trend.

Interest in lo-fi music has increased by 45 percent compared to last year. Apart from this, other sounds are popular for sleeping, which help in getting sleep, such as natural sounds.

36% of People believe that due to digital devices, their sleep has decreased. At the same time, 72% of the people involved in the survey said that poor quality of sleep has worsened their emotional state. 

what to do for good sleep

A large number of work is lost every year because of poor sleeping habits. If you think that just buying a sleep aid will improve your sleep, you are wrong.

For good sleep, you need to change your lifestyle. For example, set a ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ time in your daily routine. Pay attention to your surroundings while sleeping.

Use a comfortable bed to sleep in, and make a habit of regular exercise. This will relieve your stress and improve blood circulation, due to which you will get good sleep.

Don’t use too much-caffeinated items like tea or coffee, especially while sleeping at night. At this time you can drink hot milk.


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