How to build a healthy relationship

How  to  build  a  healthy  relationship

Often you share your feelings with your partner, but have you ever thought about what they want from you?

that it is necessary that A better synergy, a sense of respect for each other, mutual understanding, and support strengthen any relationship.

Women often express their feelings easily to their partner, whether they are sad or happy, but men always hesitate to express their feelings.

But they also want care and support from their partner. When they feel that their partner is not understanding them, then the relationship starts to crack.

So you also understand what he wants. By adopting some methods, you can understand such feelings of your partner. And strengthen your relationship.

Deserve respect:
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You are two people in a relationship, so respect should not be one-sided. In a relationship, both people deserve respect. Any relationship gets spoiled when one hurts the feelings of the other.

So keep in mind that no matter how heated the debate is between you, never say such things to them, due to which they feel hurt and insulted.

Teamwork not selfishness:

Women often like to do things in their own way and men accept it without complaining. But don’t do that. You also understand their needs and think about them. Teamwork brings sweetness and strength to a relationship.

Understand their emotions:

For a strong relationship, there should be a mutual understanding between the two. If you want your partner to understand all your feelings, then you should also understand their feelings, understand their emotions.

If she is upset about something in the family or office, then listen to her, give her a chance to speak, give her some space, and don’t disturb her by saying the same thing again and again.

Listen to them, give them a chance to speak, give them some space, and don’t bother them by saying the same thing again and again.

The Trust of Support:

Support is the thing for any person, due to which he finds himself strong in every situation. Like you, they also want you to support them at every step.

Usually, women support their husbands, but you should also assure them that you are always standing by them. This step of yours will bring more strength to your relationship and trust in each other.

It is also important to praise:

You always want to hear praise from your partner and are happy to hear it. Similarly, your partner also expects praise from you. That’s why you also keep appreciating and encouraging their works, achievements, or their art from time to time.

In our society, boys are taught from childhood that they are strong. That’s all they can handle, so they create an image of themselves and hesitate to express feelings.

But this is not correct. They also need love and support. Unless there is equal participation between both partners, there will be an imbalance.

That’s why it is necessary to share things with each other, do not hesitate to tell things. Talking openly will make it easier to understand feelings, which will strengthen the relationship and increase trust in each other.

Sometimes arguments heat up the atmosphere, affecting feelings and relationships. That’s why before arguing, definitely think about whether you want ‘Halla or Hull’.

Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen writes in his book The Argumentative Indian, “As much as the Vedas tell hymns and religious prayers, they also tell stories, speculate about the world, and ask difficult questions because of our propensity to argue.” Also, ask.

Like who created this world? Did it come into being suddenly?” Debate is no longer confined to school competitions or politics. Young people are also getting involved in debates in everyday life, trying to express their points of view or opinions.

In such a situation, it is necessary to have a healthy debate, whose aim is not to win, but to learn.

Knowledge of the topic:

For a healthy debate, you should have complete knowledge of that topic with its introduction.

While starting any debate, it is necessary to introduce it. There is always a reflective and data-driven approach toward any impasse. You need to take care of this.

Professional Debate:

Debate is all about presenting your views, proving them, and winning. If you are a part of a professional debate then winning should be your goal.

The meaning of debate is to spread and receive information. But you also need to accept that you cannot be right every time. When you walk with this understanding, then only you will be able to accept new information.

Tolerance is necessary:

​​Have the ability to listen in the debate. Having listening skills means having patience. It teaches individuals to really listen to views that differ from their own and to understand the sources of those differences.

Losing an argument also shows that it is okay to change your mind on a matter.

Don’t take it personally:

Many times during the debate, people start making personal attacks while deviating from the topic. But don’t take things personally or make them personal.

Sometimes it may be tempting to bring up a close friend’s experiences when arguing with them, but this isn’t always a good option.

Respect along with opposition We should listen to all the opinions calmly and give our arguments while respecting them too.

It is not fair to look at someone with a derogatory attitude during the debate for their views and opinions. You must understand that people may have personal views and their views may differ from yours.

Willingness to learn and understand:

When you listen to people during a conversation, try to understand their side as well. Try putting yourself in their place. It is possible that you will get their opinion.

You start to feel that they are telling the truth. You had wrong information or you didn’t even think from this angle. So always have a desire to learn. Never try to win an argument.

If the opinion of the person in front does not match yours or is completely opposite to yours, it does not mean that he is your enemy.

It is wrong to hate him because of his opinion. Remind yourself again and again that the person in front is good, close, and stands with you in happiness and sorrow.

Just his views and yours do not match. When you remember this, the conversation will never turn into an argument.

You are married: Both you and your husband are working. A person of the another sex comes in contact with either of you. That sounds good. Ideas come from him and they fit well. Many things happen.

Now it is necessary to think about how close to keep it. Like every relationship, this type of relationship should also have a limit. It may be closer, but if it comes to an emotional affair, it will not take long for the relationship to deteriorate. That’s why it is important to set a limit.

What is an Emotional Affair: Everyone connects with life-partner, family, close relatives, and special friends, but if this connection happens with someone other than family members, then it can be considered an emotional affair.

It means that the person starts sharing personal things with him, and it feels good to talk to him day and night, if you like his company, then understand that you or your partner are in an emotional relationship. If so, then take care of your married life immediately, because it is better to recover from such a relationship.

Act Wisely: You have to take your own decision. Decide whether you want to let the family deteriorate or maintain it. Will your relationship be able to survive due to your or your partner’s emotional affair? Of course, there is some difficulty in ending an emotional affair, but by understanding and controlling emotions, distance can be made from any such relationship.

Dedication necessary: What you can be for your life partner, no one else can be. You should keep this thing deep in your mind and also explain it to your life partner. There is a need to maintain respect and mutual harmony towards him. Create such an environment that your life partner shares everything in his mind with you.

Responsibility towards family: Everyone has his own family. Husband, children, parents, mother-in-law, brother-sister, these relationships are useful. Connect with them yourself and also explain to your partner the responsibility towards them. Keep in mind, recognition and respect in society also come from the family. Any wrong move can cause problems for your family in society.

Do not share personal things: No matter how close someone is, there is no talk of a mutual relationship with him, do not share with anyone, otherwise it may become difficult for both of you in the future.

Relationship Satisfaction: No One Gets Perfect Where! Even if there is some estrangement with the life partner, still one should be satisfied in the relationship with him. Happiness should be achieved in your family only. If there is a desire to find happiness in someone else, then there will be loss in the future.


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