Chapped lips: 5 home remedy

Chapped lips: 5 home remedy

Lips only do the work of enhancing the beauty of the face in summer, but if your lips are chapped, then there is a lot of difference in the beauty of your face.

Although, the problem of chapped lips can occur in any season, in the summer season, not only do the lips crack, cracks also appear in them and sometimes they start bleeding.

In such a situation, many measures are also taken, but still, it does not make any difference.

Apply honey and sugar on the lips

While sugar works to scrub your lips, honey keeps your lips soft and moisturized. In such a situation, you scrub your lips by adding a pinch of honey to the sugar, it removes the dead skin of your lips and makes them soft.

Use of mustard oil

Mustard oil is considered a panacea for chapped lips. Its answer starts appearing in a day itself, but instead of using it on the lips, do it in your navel. For this, before sleeping at night, apply mustard oil to your navel.

Use of cream and lemon

When you boil milk at home and take out the cream that has frozen on it, adding a few drops of lemon to it gives instant relief from chapped lips.

Because it contains a part of ghee that keeps your lips soft.

Use of desi ghee on the lips

You can also apply desi ghee on your lips to get rid of chapped lips, this will not only reduce the cracks in your lips but also make your lips look soft and pink.

Glycerin and Rose Water

Apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin on your chapped lips before sleeping at night. Due to this, the lips become soft quickly, as well as the cracks lying in them also get corrected.


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