Diabetes symptoms of high blood sugar

Diabetes symptoms of  high blood sugar

We all know about the disease of diabetes. The person who gets this disease. His life becomes very difficult. Because of friends, there are some such symptoms in it which disturb the person a lot.

But the good thing is that when this disease occurs, it shows its symptoms in advance. Its symptoms are as follows

Looks blurry to the eyes.

Friends, if diabetes increases excessively. So, it also causes problems in the eyes. You will sometimes feel as if there is some double vision in the eyes, nothing can be seen clearly. This is a symptom of diabetes.

Be tired all the time

After having diabetes, you will feel like you are tired all the time after doing excessive work or exercise. This kind of tiredness will remain in the body, and will not feel like walking. Will feel tired even after talking too much Will not feel like speaking or talking

Will be excessively irritable

This symptom is also included in the symptoms of diabetes. If you are suffering from diabetes, then you will have irritability all the time. Will not feel like talking to anyone, and will get angry very quickly, so do not ignore these symptoms at all, these are the initial symptoms of diabetes.

Rapid weight loss

When symptoms of diabetes occur, they start losing weight rapidly. Whose effect is clearly visible on the face of a person. The face starts to look withered, this is the primary symptom of diabetes.

Will be thirsty again and again

After getting diabetes, the mouth dries again and again. And you feel very thirsty, and after a while, you will feel like your throat is drying up. Then you drink water again and again. Also included in the symptoms of diabetes

Frequent urination

Friends are the primary symptoms of diabetes. You will start seeing this problem as soon as the sugar level increases, as frequent urination. The first effect of diabetes is on the liver and kidneys of a person. This is the reason that frequent urination starts day or night.

Frequent feelings of hunger.

Friends, when diabetes increases excessively. Then you feel hungry again and again. And you feel so hungry that you have to eat something or the other. And it can make your health worse. Diabetes can worsen if the diet is not taken care of.

Falling ill very often.

After increasing the sugar level of the body, the immunity of the body decreases. Due to which colds, coughs, and fevers come very quickly, these minor diseases keep on appearing. That’s why there is a need to be very careful with such diseases.

Weakness and dizziness

Diabetic patients suddenly feel weak and complaints of dizziness have also been observed. It is recommended for diabetic patients. That they refrain from driving. Because blurred vision and dizziness can be the cause of a major accident.

Normal sugar level

70 to 110 is the correct level of sugar. If it starts going up, then understand that sugar is getting heavy on you. And immediately you need to be careful.

Otherwise, very soon all these symptoms will start appearing in you too. And you will gradually become a complete sugar patient. 


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