Green -Vegetables
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foods for health

foods for health

foods for health

  health foods – Food is one of our basic needs. But nowadays people eat food for taste and fun. Some people are like this. Those who feel hungry only eat it. But some people eat only without hunger or to taste the food.

 if you eat healthy food. So you might not know. What we say is the effect on our health. So let’s know today. What are healthy foods

healthy food? 

Nowadays a dilemma is going on in the minds of people. That in today’s time, healthy food is worthless. So we will end your dilemma today. And will tell which diet you can keep healthy.

Healthy foods are flowing which give iron, Vitamin calcium, etc. to our body. With their help, our body remains healthy and healthy and the body’s immunity remains. So that the body does not feel diseases.

Healthy food categories. (foods for health)

Science has placed healthy food in five categories (foods for health)

  1.          Green -Vegetables
  2.          fruits
  3.          Poultry Products & Meats – Fishes
  4.         Milk – Curd, cheese, whey, and other milk products
  5.         Grain

the benefit of Green -Vegetables

Green -Vegetables

Some people avoid eating green vegetables. They like a snack and zinc food instead of green vegetables and due to this their weight starts increasing rapidly. Do you know how many vitamins, iron, etc. are there in green vegetables which nourish our body? And help to keep our body strong as well as sharpen our mind. Therefore, every person should consume green vegetables daily. There is never a shortage of hemoglobin in the body of those who eat green vegetables. Iron is found in plenty of green vegetables.

benefit of Fruits



Fruits like vegetables also help keep you fit and fit. Different fruits act as medicine for various diseases. Eating fruits does not increase your bad cholesterol. , Hypertension and diabetes are not the problems.
Consuming fruits per day does not increase unnecessary obesity. The body remains light and nimble. The digestive system of the stomach is maintained by the consumption of fruits.


the benefit of Poultry Products & Meats – Fishes

Protein and fat are found in abundance in meat and poultry products. Both these things are very important for our body. Every human needs protein and fat to survive. Which is found in meat, egg, fish, etc.

Milk – Curd, cheese, whey, and other milk products

Milk products are rich in calcium and protein. We all know that we need calcium to strengthen the bone. Which we get from milk. We are required to consume a glass of milk regularly.

Grain (Turmeric benefits for the skin)


Grain keeps us alive. Along with it also gives energy to our body. Cereals contain many substances such as protein fiber. Cereal consumption is very important for our health. Like lentils, wheat, rice, etc.


Red meat

Red meat is considered a repository of protein and carbohydrates. Most exercising individuals are in high need of protein and carbohydrates. Protein is used to make muscle in our body. And carbohydrate acts as a kind of fuel in our body. That’s why people who do more physical work prefer to eat red meat more. But there is also a matter of caution in this, excess fat can accumulate in the body due to the consumption of too much red meat. Due to which your body weight can increase unnecessarily, so it is good to reduce the intake of red meat.