The function of the Kidney in the human body

The function of the Kidney in the human body

There are usually two kidneys in our body, whose size is like the size of Rajma.  The kidney mainly cleans the blood of the body and makes urine. 
The kidney is located safely inside the abdomen, in the back, on both sides of the spine (in the back), and in the ribs of the chest. 
Kidneys are located in the inner part of the abdomen, so they are generally not felt when touched from outside.  In adults, a kidney is about 10 cm long, 6 cm wide, and 4 cm thick. 
Each kidney weighs about 150-170 grams.

Purification of the blood:-

The kidney keeps working continuously and removes the unnecessary toxic substances formed in the body through urine.

Removal of waste products:-

Purification of the blood by removal of waste products is the most important function of the kidney.  The food we eat contains protein. 
This protein is necessary for keeping the body healthy and for the development of the body. 
Protein is used by the body but some waste products are produced in the process.  The accumulation of these waste materials is like retaining poison inside our bodies. 
Our kidneys purify the blood by filtering toxic waste products from it.  These toxins are eventually excreted through urine. 
Creatinine and urea are two important waste products.  Observation of their quantity in the blood reflects the functionality of the kidney. 
When both kidneys are damaged, the amount of creatinine and urea in the blood test reaches high levels.
The balance of water in the body, keeping the required amount of water in the body, the kidney excretes the excess accumulated water through urine. 
When the kidneys are damaged, they lose the ability to remove this excess water from the body, and the accumulation of excess water in the body leads to swelling in the body.

Balance of acid and alkali:-

The kidney works to maintain the amount of sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, bicarbonate, the body. 
The above substances are responsible for the amount of acid and alkali in the body. 
An increase or decrease in the amount of sodium can have serious effects on the brain and an increase or decrease in the amount of potassium can have serious effects on the activities of the heart and muscles. 
Proper intake of calcium and phosphorus and keeping their levels normal is essential for healthy bones and healthy teeth in our body.

Control of blood pressure:-

The kidney produces many hormones like angiotensin, aldosterone, prostaglandin, etc. 
With the help of these hormones, the amount of water and acid in the body is maintained.
With the help of this balance, the kidney works to maintain normal blood pressure in the body. 
When kidney failure occurs, hormone production and salt and water balance disturbances lead to high blood pressure.

Help in the production of blood cells:-

Red blood cells present in the blood are produced in the bone marrow with the help of erythropoietin. 
Erythropoietin is made in the kidney.  In the event of kidney failure, this substance is reduced or stops being produced at all, due to which the production of red blood cells decreases and ‘blood becomes pale’, which is called anemia
(blood deficiency disease).
Bone strength:-
To maintain healthy bones, the kidneys convert vitamin D into its active form, which is needed for the absorption of calcium from food, the development of bones and teeth, and keeping bones strong and healthy.
Keep kidneys healthy like this
Take enough water
Never stop the flow of urine
Include all types of cereals, pulses, and fruits in the food.  Stay away from excessive oily spices, and take less carbohydrates and fat.  Too much salt and sugar is also harmful.
Do not sit in one place for a long time.
Control Weight
Excessive and prolonged mental stress also damages the kidneys.
Don’t take too much of pain reliever pills, these pills destroy kidney cells.
Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
Keep distance from alcohol, smoking, tobacco, etc. People who have diabetes or high blood pressure or someone in their family has kidney disease.  Those people are more likely to have kidney disease.  In such a situation, they need to be more careful.
With all these measures we can keep our kidneys healthy.  The kidney is a very important organ, if it gets damaged, the patient’s life can also be lost.  Therefore it is wise to be careful.



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