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green chillies

green chillies benefits for health

green chillies benefits for health


When we buy vegetables, every time the vegetable seller keeps some green chillies and coriander leaves free of cost with the vegetables.


Can’t keep coriander in summer because it’s not in season then and it’s expensive too. Few people knew the properties of coriander and green chillies,


but today’s youth do not know much about their properties, let’s try to know the properties of green chillies easily available all the time today.


• Provides relief from body pain and is effective in arthritis.


• It contains Vitamin C which is beneficial for eyes, bones and teeth.


• Due to having anti-bacterial properties, it prevents infection in the body and skin, it is absolutely anti-inflammatory medicine.


• Controls blood sugar and blood pressure.


• It contains vitamin C which increases immunity. If your nose is blocked then it will open after eating green chillies.


• It contains anti-oxidants which cleanse the body internally and protect it from free radicals, which reduces the risk of cancer.


• There is no calorie in green chilli, so it is helpful in reducing weight.


• It communicates endorphins in the brain, which makes the mood happy, it is a mood booster.


• Keeps the skin healthy and tight.


• It has been told in all the research that if a man regularly consumes green chillies, then he will never have Prostate cannot be cancer.


• It contains fibres, so it keeps the digestive system healthy.


• Very beneficial for heart-related diseases It is believed that it destroys the clots in the blood.


• Disadvantages- If someone eats too much, there may be acidity etc., there may be a burning sensation in the stomach, and toxins may increase in the body.


• Green chillies must be consumed in small quantities, green chillies should be used instead of red chillies.


It is a very easy growing plant so fresh chillies can be available at all times.

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