Hair care tips: Benefits of hair cutting

Hair care tips: Benefits of hair cutting

Good shampoo, regular oiling, and good quality conditioner are necessary for beautiful hair, but it is also necessary to have a good haircut at regular intervals. Why?

Hair also has a special role in enhancing your beauty. Its importance cannot be underestimated by its attractive appearance. That’s why poets and poets have compared long-thick, black silk-soft hair to black clouds.

But, this beauty does not come on its own, this hair has to be taken care of. Often women consider oil massage in the head as hair maintenance, whereas it is not so.

It is necessary to maintain the beauty of the hair. That they should also be taken care of regularly and hair cut is an important part of this care. Basically, our hair is made up of natural proteins,

which tend to break down over time, taking a toll on the quality of the hair. That’s why it is important to get trimming done at regular intervals according to the length, thickness, and texture of your hair.

When to get trimming done

It is a fallacy that in order to grow hair they

Should never be cut, because hair experts tell that regular trimming makes hair grow faster.

This happens because hair breaks daily due to combing, washing, hair styling, or weather. Apart from this, the cuticle of the hair also breaks down into two parts, which are called split ends or split ends.

On not paying attention, these split ends reach the top and the hair starts getting thinner. At what intervals hair trimming should be done, let us know:

Trimming of short hair:

A short haircut looks beautiful for the first two weeks, but as the hair starts growing, it starts looking awkward. To maintain the hairstyle of short hair, trimming must be done between two to four weeks.

Shoulder hair:

There is no specific rule for trimming shoulder-length hair.

Because hair of this length looks good in both ponytails and open ways. Just keep in mind that the length of the hair from the bottom should be the same, they should not be high and low.

When to trim long hair:

Keeping hair long means not cutting it. But, You do not have the problem of split ends, so at least every six months, cut them one to two inches.

The texture is also important

It also tells about the thickness and thinness of the hair. After how long hair cut should be done.

For example, thick and thick hair is less prone to damage, but thinner hair requires more maintenance. Similarly, curly hair does not require much regular cutting, as it remains almost in the same style.

If you notice that the hair is losing its shape and style, get it trimmed immediately. On the contrary, straight hair must be trimmed at an interval of every one or two months, so that their beauty remains.

Just as thick hair needs less care, on the contrary, very light and thin hair has to be taken special care of. In fact, hair with a delicate texture tends to get damaged very quickly. So keep getting them trimmed regularly.

The style will be fine

It is not necessary that hair experts recommend regular trimming only to those who are fond of long hair or those who are troubled by split ends.

Regular trimming is also necessary according to your hairstyle so that the look of the hair does not get spoiled. Like layering hair cuts look very attractive in the beginning,

But due to not paying attention, they start moving up and down and seem very awkward. Therefore, they should be trimmed again in two months.

Similarly, bangs must be trimmed every month, so that instead of covering the entire mouth, they remain above the eyes. Anyway, the first look is on the face of the girls who have bangs, so it is necessary to trim the bangs to the right length.

Understand these signs

Every part of our body immediately starts giving information about the slightest disturbance. Just like this, the hair itself also tells that now it needs to be cut. just a hint

You should know how to understand.

Stop growing split ends and gradually the quality of healthy hair starts deteriorating.

When naturally curly hair starts straightening on its own or hair starts getting very tangled, then understand that hair cut is necessary.

Hair feels sticky to the touch or split ends extend to the upper part of the hair.

Hair feels sticky even after shampooing.

If the hair is thin and light

If your hair is thin and light, then you need to take care of some special things for hair styling. Hairstyles made according to the face will make your look special.

Girls and women with thin and light hair have to face problems in hair styling on a daily basis. Everyday styling on thin hair does not allow the look to remain special, due to which girls and women do not feel confident. If your hair is also thin and light, then you can make your look attractive by adopting some hairstyles.

Curly: Women who have thin hair, as well as straight, mostly face this problem. To deal with this problem, you can curl your straight hair. Curled hair looks thicker than straight hair. If you do not have time to curl, then you can also use curl hair extensions.

Side Braid: Thin hairs look lifeless if kept open and even if they are tied up, they do not give an attractive look. That’s why you can adopt a braid hairstyle to keep the hair open. You can make bread in front or side as per your choice. For this, you can make a middle or side part and make braids on both sides and apply bobby pins.

Wave: Wave is the most simple and easy-to-make hairstyle in hairstyling. This hairstyle does not let you feel the lack of hair on your head. This hairstyle is a bit messy in appearance, but if it is done well
Styled appropriately, it gives you an attractive look.

Messy Half Bun: Although the bun suits women with heavy hair more, women with thin hair can also look attractive by adopting the Messy Half Bun hairstyle. You can also use hair extensions to make the half bun not look lighter.

Front Puff: If the hair is thin, then do not forget to give a bouncy look to the hair on the front side, because if you leave the front hair like this, then it will look ugly. You can adopt a front puff hairstyle to make your look attractive. The puff hairstyle is a bit old, but today there are many new ways of it. You can adopt any puff hairstyle of your choice.

Braid: You must be wondering how a braid can look good on thin hair. But this hairstyle can be made look thicker with the help of some hair extensions. With this, you will be saved from the stickiness of hair in humid weather and will also look beautiful.

Back brushing best way

To make thin hair thick, you can adopt many hairstyles like messy half bun, wave, and curly. These hairstyles will help your hair to look thick and voluminous. To make hair look thick, you mostly adopt messy hairstyles.

You can make a braid, make a hole in it and remove the braid from it and apply the clutches. On thin hair, you can roll the hair on it by applying more clutch. Whether the hair is straight or curled, it will look thick. Back brushing is one of the best ways to make the hair appear fuller. This gives volume to the hair, but it also has some disadvantages, so do not adopt it daily.

5 Hair care tips

Hair Wash: Do not allow dirt like sweat, dust, and oil to build up in your hair. It is better to use a mild shampoo, which has fewer chemicals, and wash your hair frequently. Do not use hot water as it strips away the natural oil present in the hair.

When you get wet in the rain: Whenever your hair gets wet in the rain, come home and wash it with shampoo and dry it in the air, then comb it. Since hair remains fragile during rainy days, change your comb whenever possible.

Use a wide-toothed comb to reduce tangles. Do not share the comb with anyone. This also increases the infection. Anyway, the problem of fungal infection increases during the rainy season. Use natural things for this, such as amla, fenugreek, aloe vera, etc.

Oil massage and hair mask: Once a week, massage the Hair with coconut oil with light hands. Its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant properties help prevent infection, as well as increase blood circulation in the hair.

Hair becomes dry and lifeless during the rainy season. Women who color their hair lose their shine. To avoid this, apply a good hair mask. If you cannot go to the parlor, you can apply a hair mask made of curd and avocado at home.

Take a break from styling: Avoid heavy styling of your hair, both of which use heavy chemical creams and gels, which can damage your hair. So, use natural products as much as possible and keep your hair healthy. Give hair a chance to rest.

Conditioning is also necessary: To avoid lifeless and tangled hair, apply the conditioner twice a week. This keeps the hair soft and shiny. Coconut oil also works as a good conditioner.

Take care of food and drink: Keep in mind that any kind of recipe will be effective only when your health is good. Therefore, definitely include vitamins, proteins, omega-3, and minerals like zinc and iron in your food and drink.


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