How to loose weight over 50

How to lose weight over 50

The condition of increasing body weight due to the accumulation of excess fat is called higher weight,  That is, on the basis of parameters,

Higher weight occurs when the body weight of the person is 20 percent more than the actual weight of the person’s age, or gender.

Cause of  higher-weight 

There are 3 main causes of higher weight,

1. Overeating.

2. Genetic predisposition.

3. Effect of endocrine glands.

1. Overeating

In 90% of people, overeating is the cause of higher-weight

Overeating food that exceeds the cost of tissue repair, physical exertion, and maintenance of life-sustaining functions.

It starts accumulating in the form of fat (especially when the person has to reduce physical exertion).

2. Genetic Propensity –

The tendency to be fat is passed on from generation to generation. The sons and daughters of higher-weight parents are also the higher-weight people

3. Effect of endocrine glands –

Endocrine diseases in which higher weight, occurs. They are such as thyroid deficiency, gonads deficiency, and Cushing’s syndrome.

Symptoms of a higher-weight

There is no problem in the beginning except that the body is ugly because of higher weight, visible, but slowly physically

having excess fat in a person causes them to carry blood to their tissues needing more blood vessels. As a result, more load on the heart and cardiac output increases.

Blood weight increases in such people and Be sure to have left ventricular hypertrophy happens. ‘cholesterol’ in the blood and ‘Triglyceride’ both types of lipids increase the volume of the artery There is a possibility of having spasticity.

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 apart from this Nephritis, gout in higher-weight individuals. Gallstones, Flat feet, Osteoarthritis Inflammation, hernia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, skin thickening and sweating Excess risk of skin infection, etc.

Such people cannot tolerate heat. Such a person gets more sleep.
He starts having trouble breathing only after a little exertion. One of the very

Higher-weight person

There is a situation where they are likely to have pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure.

Child higher-weight 

Generally, a higher-weight person is more in women and children 

They get to see more because they do not have a shortage of food and do not have to do physical exertion.

Our country is mostly confined to the wealthy class people in the urban area.


The following yoga asanas are useful for reducing loose weight over 50-

1. Paschimottanasana

2. Halasana

3. Sarvanga Asana

4. Shalabhasana

5. Scorpio Asana

6. Trikonasana

7. Uttanapadasana

8 . Chakrasana

9. Urdhva Sarvanga Asana.

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By regularizing them, the body will definitely be healthy, shapely, and slim by removing extra weight. is formed. Apart from this, many diseases are also destroyed.

exercise reduces body weight. If there is no other disease in which physical exertion is prohibited, then the rule

Treatment of extra weight

Controlling diet and exercise are two important issues in this. Light extra weight is only through dietary control, ie the number of carbohydrates and fats in the food.
Reducing and replacing vegetables and protein foods (such as meat, fish, egg, and chicken) can be treated.
Reduced behavior of cereals, sugar, and potatoes should be done. It is good to fast once a week. people Should be given only 1000 calories per day. The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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