Nature conservancy

Nature  conservancy

Today our biggest duty is to make the Earth’s environment pure and clean and to protect it from water pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution. Today the water of rivers is getting polluted the most, the water of dirty drains, sewer water of big cities,

The highly contaminated water of the factories containing chemical substances is going into the rivers, today the water of the rivers is not fit for drinking, bathing, and washing

In the indiscriminate race for development, environmental protection has become just a slogan. Forests are shrinking due to the felling of trees and the land is moving towards becoming barren.

In such a situation, it becomes our duty that understands this very dangerous danger and diagnoses it in time. Let us think about how we can get pure water, and how can we make the air pollution free. 

How can our house, our society live in the lap of nature? Its consideration is necessary. Nature generally means trees and plants, trees are always benevolent.

Natural life can never cause any disease, that’s why our sages used to live for thousands of years.

nature conservancy
nature conservancy

The nature conservancy

Of our culture, our trees

India is the oldest country in the world, so Indian culture is the oldest culture in the world. Here, from time to time, gods and goddesses are worshipped, along with them, mountains, rivers, animals, birds, and roots are also worshipped.

Not only do trees have consciousness, but we also get to see God, our culture is so unique that we worship trees from time to time. Lord Krishna said in the tenth chapter of the Gita that among trees I am the Peepal tree.

The worship of trees in Indian culture is not just a superstition. This is also proof of the awareness of our ancestors towards the importance of trees. Trees have divine and useful powers. It is also natural to be filled with reverence for divine and useful powers. There are many examples of this in Indian literature.

Their scientific importance was tested by our forefathers long ago, accordingly, their use and place were decided. Like the Tulsi plant is planted in the courtyard of the house and the Neem plant is planted outside the house. The importance of Peepal was also specially recognized long ago. This is the form of Lord Sri Hari in tree form, which

Similarly, in Indian culture, the banyan tree is also a god tree.

 It is believed that Lord Brahma resides at the root of the banyan tree, Janardan Vishnu in the middle and Devadhidev Shiva in the front. Goddess Savitri also resides in the banyan tree. In our culture, the consumption of Tulsi is said to be auspicious, but worship of Tulsi has special significance in Kartik.

Nature conservancy

On the one hand, Tulsi has been called Roghar in Ayurveda Shastra, on the other hand, it provides freedom from the fear of Yama’s messengers. Tulsi forest also holds importance for the purification of the environment. Tulsi is also called the choice of Lord Vishnu.

Amla worship is also important in Indian culture.

 On the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month, there is a law of worship by sitting near the Amla tree. The women observing fast in the month of Kartik listen to the story of Kartikeya under the Amla tree on Akshaya Navami. Only after this, virgins, virgins, and Brahmins are duly fed under the Amla tree. If Kartik month is seen in the present time, then it is known that Tulsi is followed and worshipped, the Amla tree is worshipped, etc. In this way, the environment is purified and man becomes a nature lover.

Thus we see that in our culture there is a law of worshiping many trees. And all this is meaningful and logical. Trees are ingrained in our culture. Our culture is a sacrificial culture,

Trees relieve our tiredness, and provide us with cool shade, even though they themselves bear the sun. In Maharishi Charak’s ‘Charak Samhita’, the medicinal importance of trees and plants has been discussed in depth.

In this, the medicinal properties of every tree plant from the root to flowers, leaves, and other parts, and the methods of treatment of diseases are described. The poisonous plant Aak is also helpful in the treatment of boils.

Pollution is the naked sword of humanity

Man has always had the ambition to rule nature by misusing his intelligence. Nature had blessed him with bright sunshine, clear water, delectable air, and a free sky, but in the race for so-called progress and civilization, he has made every part and body of nature ugly and polluted.

Like a mother, the audacity to make nature an obedient servant, who nurtures the living being with her infinite affection, is now going to cost the human very dearly. Today’s human beings are responsible for floods, earthquakes, epidemics, deadly radiation, etc.

Today, no substance, no corner of the universe has been saved from the onslaught of pollution. Pollution is hanging like a drawn sword over the existence of humanity. Man has polluted all the sources.

Along with industrial progress, harmful waste, and chemicals are being mercilessly mixed with these water sources. The condition of the rivers flowing near the metropolitan cities is inexplicable.

The purity of all the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Gomti has become a victim of pollution. Along with this, air pollution is increasing very fast. Today even getting pure air has become difficult. Vehicles, factories, and rotting industrial wastes have poisoned the air.

The vegetation that grows in the midst of polluted water and air and the animals and birds that consume it are getting sick today, even food has not been spared from pollution.

Today man has to suffer from noise pollution as well. Harsh and hoarse sounds also disturb the mental balance of man and affect his functionalities. Due to the grace of scientific and industrial progress, today man is forced to live in the midst of harsh, unbearable, and hearing-depleting sounds.

The ear-splitting sounds of airplanes in the sky, the noise of loudspeakers of vehicles, instruments, and free-donating music on the ground, all together are making humans deaf. The Ganga water which was famous for being pure for years has also become dirty due to our actions.

Not paying attention to environmental pollution will cost humans dearly.

Both the administration and the general public should be aware of this holocaust signal.

Earth, water, fire, sky, and air are the five elements of life, which are present in sufficient quantity in nature, but due to tampering with nature, the quantity, form, and quality of these elements are continuously decreasing.

Environmental pollution and imbalance are the results of this. Because of this, the danger has arisen not only for humans but for the entire animal world. The environmental crisis is getting deeper in the world today.

Crisis of pure air due to lack of vegetation

Except for India, in all the cultures and civilizations of the world, nature is considered inanimate and for human use, due to which trees were destroyed in the West. The limitations were not taken care of even in the mining of minerals, due to which the energy crisis is also taking a formidable form.

Due to the lack of vegetation, there is a crisis of suitable and sufficient pure air for respiration. Earth and water are being polluted by the waste of chemical substances. The increase in temperature and the hole in the ozone layer is the result of this. It is not possible to solve it in the Western world.

Nature God’s power-

In Indian culture, nature has been assessed as the power of God. Playing with nature or neglecting it will lead to destruction. The land of the country has been decorated with adjectives like ‘Annavatan Modanavatan’ etc. As soon as Modnavata is said, there is an expectation of the material of joy and happiness. There is a sense of mutual superiority, purity, and intimacy in nature.

Medicinal use of all plants in Indian culture and according to Ayurveda, there is not a single plant in the world that does not have medicinal use. Those which are very useful and easily accessible, have been associated with the gods, some of such trees and plants are Durva, Tulsi, Peepal, Neem, Banyan, Bael, etc.

Specially Durva is associated with Ganesha, Tulsi with Vishnu, and Bael with Shiva. It is believed to be related to Neem Devi. Cutting green trees, shaking trees at night, plucking flowers or leaves, and hurting trees excessively or unnecessarily due to greed is a sin. Cutting a tree is like killing a son. Along with this, planting a tree and nurturing it is considered as beneficial as having a hundred sons.

The sense of purity towards the rivers, the feeling of responsibility towards them, due to their superior qualities, and the feeling of reverence and devotion arise easily. The water of the Ganges never gets spoiled. The water of other holy rivers does not get spoiled throughout the year.

The water of ordinary rivers does not get spoiled within a week, whereas the water of many rivers of the world gets spoiled after five to ten days after leaving the river. The following mantra is recited while taking a bath in Hindu culture

Rising air temperature and distortions

Today the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing, and the water of wells and ponds is getting polluted. Distortions are also increasing in the atmosphere. In industrial cities, acid rain occurs in the initial period of rain. Water and air are worshiped considering them deities in Indian life.

Havan and Yagya are part of the same undertaking, Russian scientists had proved years ago that burning unbroken rice with pure cow dung in cow dung can prevent radioactive properties. This purifies the atmosphere. There is great importance in performing Havan at the time of sunrise.

Today scientific research is also accepting this fact. Because of this, lakhs of citizens in many countries are giving three or five sacrifices by watching the clock and we are becoming indifferent.


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