normal oxygen level
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normal oxygen level

normal oxygen level
normal oxygen level

normal oxygen level

As we all know how important it is for oxygen levels to remain the same in our body. Decreasing oxygen levels means that our lungs have decreased. So we have to take special care of our lungs. In today’s article, we will tell you about such small things. Just like how much the oxygen level of an ordinary person should be, what should be the blood pressure? Next, if you read the article yourself, then you will understand everything.

On checking with oxygen oximeter

oxygen level  (oxygen level chart)

  •               Normal Oxygen Level    –                94

  •               Very Good Oxygen Level  –             95, 96,97, to 100

  •               low oxygen level   –                       90 to 93

  •               Very Low Oxygen Level –                  80 to 89    You should consult a doctor immediately and get admitted to a hospital if possible. Need oxygen can read

Blood pressure in the body

blood pressure normal                        120/80

normal blood pressure(Control)         130/85

high blood pressure                           140/90

very high blood pressure                    150/95   You should immediately go to the nearest doctor because in such a situation there may be damage inside your body which can also threaten your life.


   normal pulse rate          60-80 P.M

Standard pulse rate          72    P.M

High pulse rate                90-120  P.M


On checking with a digital thermometer

              92 to 98. 6F Normal (no fever)
              Fever at 9F
              Contact your doctor in case of high fever from 100F to 102 F.

hrct chest scan

                           HRCT Score 0 – 8 (Mind Infection)
                           HRCT score 9 – 18 (Moderate infection)
                           HRCT score 19 – 25 (saver infection)

Meaning of HRCT

Corona infection causes swelling in the lungs carrying oxygen bags and phlegm gets filled. When doing a CT scan, the score is calculated by looking at how many of them are infected by doing 25 parts of the lungs, that is, the higher the score, the more oxygen difficulty, and the greater the risk

the treatment

           1 –      In mild infection, normal medicine can be cured
           2 –      Severe infection may require oxygen and a ventilator.

Essential medical kit at home for Corona

1       Paracetamol or Dolo 750 MG SOS
2        betadine gargle or mouthwash with lukewarm water
3        Vitamin C tablet three to four times a day, it is a very powerful antioxidant and is very effective, increases immunity, and makes the virus unresponsive.
4       tablets vitamin D 360 K for 1 week and 4 weeks

5  Tablet B Complex with multivitamins and trace elements such as Neurokind Plus daily for 10 to 15 days of immunity

6   Steam hot water daily, it provides relief in sore throat.
7  Keep a pulse oximeter to see oxygen level. Normal oxygen level must be above 90.
8  Oxygen cylinder (for emergency)

 9  Gargle with warm water and drink lemonade in lukewarm water.

Three stages of corona

1    Only the time of coronavirus recovery in the nose is half a day. It usually does not have a fever and it is called asymptomatic. What to do in it Steam inhaling Take vitamin c.

२    Sore throat

The recovery time is one day.
What to do in it
Gargle hot water, drink hot water, take lemonade, if you have a fever, take paracetamol, if severe, take vitamin C, B complex, and antibiotic

३    Lung cough

Cough and shortness of breath in 4 to 5 days.
In such a situation, gargle with warm water. Drink warm water. Take lemon in hot water. Take vitamin C, B complex, paracetamol, check your oxygen level with the pulse oximeter. If you do not have an oximeter, then buy from any drug store. Or do deep breathing exercises. If the problem is serious, get oxygen cylinders and consult a doctor online. If there is too much trouble, consult an antiviral medicine doctor.

Hospital stage

Keep checking your oxygen level with the Oximeter meter. If it goes to 92 and you see signs of corona then you need an oxygen cylinder. For this, immediately contact and consult the nearest healthcare center.

Stay healthy stay safe please take care of your family and society stay home and stay safe.

Note that the pH of coronavirus ranges from 5.5 to 8.5. So all we need to do to eliminate the virus is to consume alkaline foods higher than the level of acidity of the virus. Such as
Oranges etc.

How to know if you are infected with coronavirus

Dry throat
Dry cough
High blood pressure
shortness of breath
body ache

Drinking lemon with warm water ends the virus before it reaches the lungs, do not keep this information to yourself, so send it forward so that other people can also take advantage of it. Thank you