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Meaning of Physical Education

Physical education is a combination of two words

The general meaning of the word physical and education refers to various activities related to the body that is, all those activities which are done to keep the body healthy.


The meaning of the word education is systematic instruction, training or systematic preparation of life or guidelines given for a particular task, that is physical education is such an education which is the study of all the matters related to the body as a whole.

Makes it happen  physical education all the physical activities, capabilities, actions, all aspects of development, elements that block development and their treatment are studied.


Here it is necessary to mention a report of the Ministry of Education in the context of physical education.

In which it is written that Physical education is such an education which leads the child towards perfection of body mind and soul through various activities for the development of complete personality.

In fact, physical education is a part of general education, which includes all those activities through which education is imparted.


Definition of Physical Education

To clarify the meaning of physical education, some of the definitions given by various physical educationists are as follows

According to S. Linger Physical education is that part of education which is accomplished through physical activities. rt of education which is accomplished through physical activities. 


According to Cassidy- The changes brought about in human beings by the experiences centered on physical activities are the physical education.


According to the Indian Central Advisory Board of Physical Education and Recreation, Physical education is that education which is imparted to the child for the all-round development of his body, mind and soul through his physical processes.


On the basis of the above definitions, it can be said that physical education is an integral and indispensable part of education.

It is essential for every living being. It is helpful in the growth and development of the child so that he can lead a good and happy life.

Teachers and teaching of physical education are the most effective weapons. With the help of this, you can make beautiful idols out of raw clay because physical education is a part of general education,

its objectives are the same as the objectives of general education.


Aims of Physical Education

At present, physical education is considered as a part of education; Therefore, it is necessary that the aims and objectives of education and physical education should be the same.

In fact, the aim of physical education is the all-round development of the individual.

That is, to develop a person’s physical, mental, intellectual, character and social abilities to make him a complete, successful, influential and ideal citizen of the society, so that man can perform his duties in the matters of religion, meaning, work and salvation.

Following are the main objectives of physical education according to the present situation of India.

1. Spiritual development takes place.

2. Physical development takes place.

3. Psychological development takes place.

4. Social development takes place.

5. Moral development takes place.

6. Intellectual development takes place.

7. National spirit develops. 

Places of Physical Education

The field of physical education is very wide. It is not limited to physical training only.

sporting activities

Sports are loved by children, youth and old people.

1. Individual Games 

2. Team Games

3. Rhythmic Games

There are three types of exercises in rhythmic.

(i) Folk songs and folk dances

(ii) aerobic exercise

(iii) Gymnastics dance

basic exercise

It is related to the normal life of human. These exercises are done by walking, running and running.

Considered the ‘construction period’. Physical education plays an important role in making human life successful. Every person takes physical education informally by living in the society, but the formal education of the school is called physical education.

Physical education is essential for the all round development of the students. Physical education is such an education that by providing knowledge related to physical health to the student, makes them alert and active for regular health and provides healthy citizens to the country.


Therefore, it can be said that the complete development of a country is not possible until a healthy citizen is created in that country. Many great educationists like Montesquieu Rousseau, Plato, Aristotle and Swami Vivekananda etc.


have given special emphasis on the need of physical education. Swami Vivekananda’s words about physical education seem highly relevant even today, “What India needs today is not the Bhagavad Gita, but football fields.”

Importance of Physical Education Importance of Physical Education

Physical education is an essential element for the all round development of a human being. In fact, physical education is complementary to the entire education system.

Whose goal is to determine such physical activities and to know their results, so that human beings develop the ability to become physically, mentally, emotionally and socially capable, therefore physical education has great importance for human life.

The importance of physical education can be understood subtly through the following points.



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