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potted herbs

how to grow 05 best-potted herbs

how to grow 05 best-potted herbs

Herbs give you taste as well as nutrition. You can also grow them very easily in pots at your home.


Herbs are beneficial for health and are used for medicine. These are obtained from plants. The whole plant can be used as a herb, or any part of it, such as the fruit, flower, seed, leaf, root, or branch, can be used.


Some can be used fresh, some can be dried and some can be used in both. You can easily grow them in pots or containers in the kitchen garden, window, balcony, or terrace.




This plant can be easily grown in pots. Just keep in mind that in the place where the pot is kept, the plant is getting sunlight. To plant a basil plant, plant or sow basil seeds in the potting mix in a pot in early spring.


Keep the pot in a warm place until the plant starts growing well. The pot or container should be deep enough to plant the basil plant.


In the summer season, water the basil plant in the morning and evening, but do not water it at night, because there is a risk of fungal disease in moist leaves.




You can easily grow mint in pots or grow bags from cuttings or leftover stalks. Place the cutting in a glass or jar of water and allow roots to grow. When roots appear, spread the stems in the soil.

Harvest mint before flowering. They are grown in wide pots or grow bags.




Coriander is one of the easiest herbs to grow at home with seeds. To plant it, keep a pot or container 25 cm deep and wide. Add seeds after adding moist soil, but not much.

Sow the seeds every other week to get a regular crop. Coriander plants flower quickly in hot weather.

Bay leaf:

The Bay leaf is an evergreen plant. Due to the emergence of leaves throughout the year, it has to be harvested from time to time. To grow it, take big and deep pots or grow bags.

Add one or two mugs of compost to the soil and mix it. Keep the plant in the center of the pot and press it with composted soil around it and add water according to the need.

This herb grows well in warm climates. It is an easily grown herb at home.



This plant is similar to celery. Its grains are bigger than celery. Parsley plants last for two seasons. Before sowing, you can soak the seeds in hot water to break the seed coat.

Keep its plant in a little shade in summer and a sunny place in winter. To use it, remove the flowers on the top of the plant.


Thyme is an evergreen herb known for its delicious leaves. The leaves of this herbal plant are green in color and fragrant.

Their taste is similar to cloves. Its plant is bushy, whose length is about one foot. Its stem and leaves are delicate. This plant requires little care in a pot or grow bag.

You can grow it in almost all types of containers or pots. Thyme plants require little fertilizer and water.


Take a deep pot or container to plant Basil, because Basil has a long root.


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