First aid refers to the treatment or treatment that is given to the patient before the arrival of the doctor after the accident. Injuries are just like any other normal incident.

Often accidents can happen while playing, working, walking on the road, or in any other way. Sometimes many accidents like sprains, dislocation of bone, fracture of a bone, bleeding, bite by poisonous animals, etc. take place.

Due to this people have to face many troubles and problems. In such a situation, if the doctor’s help is not available immediately, then the patient’s life can also be lost. In such a situation, knowledge of first aid can save a person’s life.

is called first aid. First aid is primarily the immediate system of first aid or three objectives.

1. The first task of first aid is to stop the patient’s disease and his pain, if possible, try to bring his pain and suffering to the minimum.

Bleeding, cuts, bites of poisonous creatures, in case of some such accidental incidents, immediate attention should be given to the patient.

2. In accidental accidents, except minor and general injuries etc., the doctor’s advice and treatment must be taken and the patient should be taken care of till the arrival of the doctor.

If you do not understand, then the patient should not be touched. This may increase his suffering further. First Aid Box First aid box should be with every team of Scout Guide.

Apart from the team and team, some medicines and accessories must be kept by each scout and guide personally. Like- general medicines, bandages, handy plastic, scissors, blades, etc.

3. Essential material of first aid There should be a first aid box at home or school, in that primary box the following

Content is mandatory.

(1) Dettol (2) Band Aid (one dozen) (3) Potassium permanganate (4) Baking soda (5) Soframycin (6) Iodex (7) Sprint (8) Mint green (9) Boric acid (10) Vicks (11) mercury cream (12) table salt (13) glycerin (14) sticking plaster (15) bandage (16) spray for sprains etc. (17) height (18) tweezers (19) splint (20) crepe bandage (21) ) Blade (22) Move (23) Thermometer (24) Fen Tablet (25) Acelac Tablets (26) Paracetamol (27) Electrol

First aid for cuts

Cutting is a common occurrence. While working with a sharp object or due to any other reason, the skin of the hand or any part of the body gets cut or the skin peels off when it is cut or scratched.

The edge of the cutting object may also contain some harmful bacteria. If these bacteria enter the body then it can be harmful to the body and the patient may have to face difficulty.

To stop this First of all, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the wound, the object with which we touch the wound should be absolutely clean.

Our hands and nails should be completely clean. Lotion, detailed water, or well-boiled and cooled water should be used on the wound.

The wound should be washed from inside to outside with clean water. The following things should be kept in mind for the treatment 

1. To stop the flow of blood.

2. Cleaning the wound.

3. Preventing wound poisoning.

4. Giving support to the injured limb as needed.

5. Treatment for shock.

Burning or Scorching- Both the conditions of burning and scorching are very painful. There is the contact of any part of the body with any hot object, fire, acid or hot iron, etc.

So that part gets burnt or scorched, in such a condition we say that it is burnt or scorched. When a hot substance falls on the body, the body gets burnt.

This causes blisters on the skin. In this condition, the body suffers a lot. When this type of condition occurs, the patient should be treated in the following way.

Treatment for burns or scald

First of all the patient’s shock should be treated. If the patient is wearing clothes, then carefully remove the cloth from the burnt part.

If the cloth is stuck, it should be removed carefully. Height should be used in this.

The part that can be cut should be cut and separated carefully. The remaining part should be left intact.

The part of the body which is burnt should be protected from the air. Blisters should not be burst, the burnt part of the body should be kept soaked in cold water.

Keep it soaked until its burning sensation subsides. Keep changing the water as needed, you can tie a light bandage by applying tannic acid on the burnt part.

Egg white is a surefire cure for burns. Grinding raw potato and applying it also gives relief. It should be sprayed on the burning part.


In order to keep the bones in their place in the body, nature has kept them tight by means of fibers at the joints. These fibers allow the various organs to twist or rotate within a limit.

If any part of the body, like the claw of the foot or the arm of the hand, suddenly turns or rotates, then the fibers of the joint break. This is called a sprain. This causes unbearable pain.

When a sprain occurs, there is great pain in the joint and the muscles near it. Swelling occurs at the joint and the area turns blue. The joint gets stiff and its movement stops.


Keep the strips of hot and cold water alternately for five minutes on the sprained place. Cholera is a very dangerous and fast-spreading infectious disease. It spreads more in the summer and rainy season.

There is more possibility of the spread of this disease in fairs and places of pilgrimage where more people gather. Thousands of people die every year due to this disease.

Cause and spread of disease

The main cause of cholera disease is a bacterium, it is called Vibrio cholerae. This germ is very subtle, its shape is like a semicolon (,).

These bacteria grow more in water and they cannot survive in extreme heat and extreme cold. These bacteria reach from one place to another mainly by flies.

Flies sit on the feces, vomit, etc. of the sick person, then innumerable bacteria of the disease stick to their legs and feet. After this, these flies fly and sit on our food and food items and leave bacteria.

Consumption of such food causes infection of the disease (Duration)

This disease can take a severe form within a few hours from the time of infection, but sometimes it takes two to three days for the symptoms of the disease to appear.

Cholera symptoms

As soon as cholera is affected, the person starts vomiting and diarrhea. The diarrhea of a cholera patient is white and thin like rice mold. As a result of diarrhea and vomiting, the patient becomes weak soon and his body starts having cramps.

The radiance of the face begins to fade and dark spots appear under the eyes. Due to the lack of water in the body, the speed of the patient’s pulse slows down. If proper treatment is not done and medicine is not given, then the death of the patient can also happen.

Treatment of cholera

Medicines like onion extract and Amrit Dhara can be given to the cholera patient in the beginning. The patient should get adequate rest.

Along with this, care should also be taken that there is no shortage of water in his body. Food should not be given at all, orange juice, barley water, and cow’s milk can be given after mixing water.

Ways to prevent cholera

To avoid the outbreak of cholera, the following measures should be taken.

1. Cholera vaccination must be done regularly.

2. If a person is suffering from this disease, arrangements should be made to keep him separate from others soon.

3. As soon as cholera spreads, the water of pond, river and well should be boiled and filtered.

4. To avoid cholera one should avoid flies. Therefore, measures should be taken to eliminate or avoid flies.

5. The excreta, vomit and spit etc. of the patient should be put in an earthen vessel and buried in the ground.

6. During the outbreak of the disease, the cut fruits available in the market, uncovered sweets etc. should not be consumed at all.

7. Milk and water should be drunk only after boiling.

Diarrheal disease

Diarrhea is also an infectious disease spread through water and food. This disease is also related to the digestive system only.

The outbreak of this disease is more in the rainy season and it is found more in children only. Elders get this disease occasionally.

The outbreak of diarrheal disease

The following are the reasons for the spread of diarrheal disease

1. The main cause of this disease is bacteria. Its infection often caused this disease in children.

2. Consumption of contaminated water can also cause this disease.

3. Flies have a special role in the infection of this disease.

4. Continuous indigestion can also cause diarrhea. This disease can also occur due to untimely intake of food i.e. irregularity in food.

Symptoms of diarrheal disease-

1. The person suffering from the disease has continuous diarrhea, their number can be up to 20-25 in a day.

2. Diarrhoea’s stools are extremely thin and often green in colour.

3. In the case of persistent diarrhea, there may be discharge of blood along with stool.

4. If diarrhea does not stop, there may be a lack of water in the patient’s body.

5. Some patients may also have mild fever due to infection and weakness.

Preventive measures and treatment-

1. Water should be boiled and drunk. Children should always be given boiled milk of cow and buffalo.

2. Special care should be taken to clean the utensils.

4. Special care should be taken for the cleanliness of the children.

5. Rich food should not be given in case of illness. Light, liquid and digestible food should be given.


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