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public relations courses

public relations courses
public relations courses

The field of Public Relations is growing rapidly these days. Nowadays, apart from companies, people are also hiring PR professionals to improve their personal image,

but this field is more suitable for those who have good communication skills.

Communicating with people is an art. In today’s era, there is a need of such people in almost every sector, who can do the work related to public dealing.

To fulfill this need, the course of Public Relations has come into existence.

Today, almost all the companies keep such trend PR professionals to improve their image in the eyes of their consumers and employees,

who take their point between the public and the employees and whatever feedback is being received from the other side, the company Take the right steps by being informed.


Apart from this, they have to prepare policies for the client and the company concerned to increase their profits, from preparing press releases.

PR professionals are also responsible for how to handle an emergency so that it does not send the wrong message to the employees and the public.


These are essential skills

If you have a good command over the English language, along with this you have the art of speaking clearly, you can impress people.

If you are adept at making social contacts, have creativity and leadership skills, then you are definitely a better candidate for the PR field.

During the studies of PR, some special courses are conducted, which are very useful in your future job.

Know about PR course.


Public Relations, Brand Communication, Media Management, Marketing and Media Analytics |


what is the age limit

The age limit of the candidate to go into Public Relations is decided differently. The age limit is different in private and government sector.

However, generally the age of the candidate should be between 18 years to 32 years. In some places the age limit is also 38-40 years.

On the other hand, some relaxation is given in the age limit limitations for the reserved category. With this, they can get job opportunities even after their old age.


Aptitude for this field?


To become a Public Relation Officer, it is necessary that the candidate must have passed graduation from a recognized university or institute.

Along with this, the candidate must have a Post Graduate Degree or Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication or Mass Communication from a recognized institute.

Preference is given to candidates having the following qualifications to become a Public Relation Officer.

Work experience in media houses, public relation agencies, advertising agencies, etc. Good command over English and Hindi language.

Knowledge of regional language prevailing at the place of posting.

Experience of working on computer.

keep these things in mind

  • Apply to at least 7-10 companies for 1 job.
  • Schedule Interviews and Tests on convenient dates.
  • If you are a fresher then be flexible about the pay package.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in joining the company to which you are applying. Express a willingness to learn.
  • Before appearing for the interview, be well informed about the company and its business.

These courses are useful

The Public Relations course is designed to enhance your skills such as speaking in public and understanding the psychology of the audience to facilitate fruitful exchange of information.

■ Introduction to Public Relations.

■ History of Print Media in India.

■ Electronic Media and Photography.

Advertising Research

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