How to tighten sagging skin on the face

How to tighten sagging skin on the face


Who likes sagging skin on the face and neck? Yes, we cannot stop it, but we can definitely reduce its speed. How to stop losing the beauty of the skin? let’s know

It is true that with increasing age, you cannot avoid sagging skin. Because with increasing age, this underfoot knocks on your skin. But, taking good care of the skin can definitely reduce the speed of its arrival.

All that is needed is to know the problem at the right time and deal with it in the right way. In this regard, beauty expert Riya Bajpai says that skin sagging is a major sign of aging, in which the skin hangs due to a lack of collagen or rather wrinkles appearing on the skin.

But for some reason, your skin has started getting loose at an early age, so it simply means that you need to make a proper change in your skincare routine now. You need such skin care products,

Which along with moisturizing your skin, also keeps that moisture locked in the skin for a long time. Here the lack of moisture is directly related to the lack of collagen. The result, sagging skin.

Sun exposure and attack of free radicals in the summer season can also aggravate the problem. In such a situation, it can be said that the solution to your problem is hidden in your kitchen itself, then? Certainly, it is possible.

Antioxidants in coconut oil

Coconut oil is easily available in every household. And with the same ease, it can also bring tightness to the skin. This oil is a powerful antioxidant, which can protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

This oil also provides moisture to the skin. Its regular use prevents the sagging of the skin. Not only this, it is also a natural sunscreen. So you can also use it as a sunscreen.

Olive oil will work

Apart from being a healthy cooking oil, olive oil is also useful in skin care. Also, it is helpful in maintaining moisture in the skin. The antioxidants and vitamin E present in it tighten your skin and prevent photodamage.

Aloe Vera

Nowadays everyone has started planting aloe vera in their homes, obviously, it will not be difficult for you to find aloe vera. But do you know that using aloe vera gel can cause skin tightening?

Aloe vera gel contains malic acid which makes the skin supple, so you can use aloe vera gel on your skin. You will see results with regular use

Honey will give moisture

You must have used honey sometimes to reduce weight, and sometimes to bring sweetness to the food. But, has it ever been used on the skin? Used on? If not, then start it.

It will work to add moisture to your dry-lifeless skin. Honey has antifungal properties, which can help fade acne scars.

Try applying honey on the acne marks every day or every other day, the difference will be clearly visible. But for this honey must be pure and raw.

Raw honey is costlier than other honey, but it is no less than a panacea for your skin. As long as you are not allergic, there is no harm in trying it.

Cucumber as a toner

Along with eating cucumber in this season, applying it on the face can also be beneficial for you. Cucumber is considered a good natural skin toner.

It will prove to be helpful in tightening your skin without any side effects or allergies. In addition, it also helps in refreshing the tired skin.

Egg for collagen

Collagen is a protein and we also need protein to increase it. The white part of the egg contains albumin protein, which helps in tightening the skin. Makes it a great option.

Thus, egg face masks can be a simple and cost-effective solution for home beauty treatment. Although some people are allergic to eggs.

Before you apply egg white as a face pack on your face, do a patch test before that. For this, take a small amount of egg white and apply it on the back of the hand, under the chin, or behind the ear.

Wait about 15 minutes, then wash the area with clean water. If there is no sign of redness, itching, or swelling, then you can use it.

Curd is special

Curd is not available in any kitchen. The common-looking curd becomes very special for your skin when you use it as a moisturizer. It is a natural moisturizer and is also effective in moisturizing and tightening the skin.

Actually, curd contains lactic acid, which works to lock the moisture in your skin well by closing the pores of the skin. The result is tighter and smoother skin you’ll feel.

Lemon is better

Sagging means hanging skin. To avoid this, it is necessary that the level of collagen is correct. Lemon can prove to be a panacea for you in this. Vitamin C present in lemon increases the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity of the skin. The astringent found in it will keep wrinkles away from you.

Good coffee too

If you want to tighten the skin and keep away the signs of aging, then start using coffee on the skin. The coffee pack and scrub will be very useful for you.

Coffee has antioxidant properties, which slow down the aging process of the skin. When used as a scrub, it gets rid of dead skin. Coffee containing antioxidants and chlorogenic acid is also effective in getting rid of acne.


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