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sun salutation: benefits for body skin and hair growth

sun salutation: benefits for body skin and hair growth


the sun salutation is called Surya Namaskar in the Hindi language, there are many benefits of doing it, let us know


Sun salutation has been made by mixing 12 yoga asanas, this asana has its own importance, people who do it remain healthy as usual.


Along with this, the circulation of blood in their body is done properly. And by doing sun salutation, the body not only remains flexible but also remains healthy and strong both inside and outside.


Regular practice of sun salutation keeps muscles and bones flexible. In which maximum contribution is made to make the spinal cord flexible.


Friends, let us tell you that you can do only with your hands and feet by going in solitude. The maximum benefit of sun salutation is by doing it in the morning.


With sun salutation, the mind also remains calm and the body remains flexible there are many benefits of sun salutation, which we will tell you in this article.


Makes the body flexible:-


Friends, if your body remains tight. So sun salutation can prove to be very effective for you. By doing a sun salutation, the body remains very flexible.


And if sun salutation is done fast, then the most important exercise is proven. sun salutation has special importance in making the body flexible.


Keeps the digestive system healthy


Regular practice of sun salutations will keep your digestive system perfectly fit. With this, you will not have to face any problems in saving food.


And at the time of daily routine in the morning, the stomach will also be cleaned properly, due to which your stomach will remain light. And there will be no problem with acidity and gas


weight loss aid


sun salutation is an exercise that affects every part of your body. And also helps in melting body fat. If you have excess fat in your body or you are moving towards obesity,


then start Surya Namaskar immediately. This will prevent your obesity from increasing, if you are already higher-weight then your obesity will also reduce.


strengthens bones


Scholars have said that sun salutation is very useful if done in the morning. The scientific reason for this is that sunlight in the morning fills the body with Vitamin D.


And Vitamin D plays a very important role in strengthening bones. Exercising in the morning sun supplies vitamin D to your body and toxins are released from the body in the form of sweat.


relieves constipation


The disease of constipation is caused by the disturbance of the digestive system. By doing sun salutation, your digestive system remains healthy, in such a situation you will not have to face a disease like constipation and this will also keep your digestive system healthy.


You have to bend forward while doing a sun salutation. There is also pressure on the back, then you have to stand straight and bend again, due to this, the system inside your stomach remains in the posture of exercise,


due to which the constipation of the stomach ends and the main reason for piles is the constipation of the stomach when your stomach If it is clean, then you will not have to face the disease like Babaseer.


beautifies the skin


Friends, as we told you that doing a sun salutation in the morning is more beneficial. The main reason for this is that the body gets vitamin D in abundance from the morning sun.


And vitamin D is very important for our skin. Secondly, the blood circulation in the body is done properly, due to which your skin glows and your face glows. But the glow comes, and the wrinkles of the face end. And bones remain strong in old age


Who should not do a sun salutation?


Pregnant women should not do a sun salutation
Hernia patients should not do a sun salutation, it may increase their problems.

Whose blood pressure remains high, consult your doctor
People who have problems with their spinal cord like slipped discs, such people should not do sun salutation.
increases immunity


One of the benefits of doing sun salutation is that it increases your immunity because when you do sun salutation in the morning, pure air circulates in your whole body, and blood circulation is also improved in the whole body. It also increases the power of your lungs and toxins come out in the form of sweat.


prevents hair fall


By doing sun salutation, the skin glows, as well as hair fall reduces. By sun salutation, pure air, and pure blood reach the brain, and blood circulation improves to the roots of the hair. This reduces hair fall to a great extent. and hair starts growing and also becomes thick


prevents pimples


As we know that the outbreak of nail pimples is more in youth, in such a situation, if not taken care of, then the glow of the face gets spoiled. We recommend that sun salutation must be done in youth, it removes the impurities of your blood. It keeps your blood pure so that there is no outbreak of pimples.


benefits of sun salutation


The conclusion is that sun salutation is a complete exercise in itself, if it is done at a moderate pace, then it is Yoga Pranayama and if done at such a fast pace, it is a complete body exercise,


if you regularly go to the gym. Even when you go, you are advised to do a sun salutation. With sun salutation, the muscles of your body remain flexible and it will act as a kind of warm-up for you.


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