Tea for immune system recipe

Tea for immune system recipe

Friends, we know that in today’s era, everyone needs to maintain their immunity. And for this people are adopting many methods. Some are doing something, some are doing something, but we are telling you the easiest way.

Homemade brew. People also know this decoction by the name of green tea. But friends, it is a bit difficult for you to make a decoction every day, so we are telling you some such methods, in those ways you can easily make a decoction for yourself.

Basil Ginger Honey Decoction

It is very easy to make a decoction of basil ginger honey, in this you need ten leaves of basil, a small piece of ginger, and two to three spoons of honey, what to do is keep a glass of water warm, when the water starts boiling, put these three things in it. Boil it for 5 more minutes and then drink it hot.

Benefits of this decoction

Tulsi is considered a natural antioxidant and ginger is effective in strengthening the throat and respiratory system when it comes to honey, we all know how useful honey is for our bodies. Tulsi is considered a medicine for skin and hair.

Drinking a mixture of ginger and honey in hot water removes toxins from the body and keeps the body healthy. Regular consumption of this decoction will make your skin glow and color will also improve. will go

Clove Cinnamon Black Pepper

It is very easy to make a decoction of clove cinnamon and black pepper. In this, you take 50-50 grams of all three things and dry them and grind them in a grinder, make powder, and keep them in a glass vial.

After that, whenever you want to drink the decoction, mix half a teaspoon of powder and two pinches of rock salt in hot water and drink it, because of this your increasing weight is under control.

Benefits of this decoction

If you have symptoms of cold and cold, then taking this decoction cures cold and cold. And there is relief in cough also. If it is said, this decoction is also effective in increasing your immunity.

You can consume this decoction twice a day, if your blood pressure remains high, then do not consume this decoction, it can increase your blood pressure further.

Decoction of giloy

Giloy is considered the best medicine to increase immunity. If you want to increase your immunity quickly, then start drinking Giloy decoction.

Mixing black pepper and turmeric in the decoction of Giloy and drinking it becomes the best medicine to increase immunity, which eliminates many diseases in your body, such as normalizing blood sugar and keeping high blood pressure under control.


Roast turmeric on a dry pan, when its color turns brown, then remove it. After this, grind black pepper and make powder and mix turmeric and black pepper together and keep it in a glass vial.

After this, take 50 grams of Giloy and crush it and let it boil in a glass of water for 5 minutes, add half a teaspoon of turmeric and black pepper powder that you had prepared, now take it off and drink it hot. This will increase your immunity.

5 Herb Decoction


Basil leaves                             10 grams
Cinnamon                               10 grams
Turmeric powder                  10 grams
Honey                                       50 grams
Black pepper                           10 grams


First of all, roast turmeric in a dry pan until its color turns slightly brown. Basil leaves cinnamon, honey, ginger, and black pepper. Make a paste by grinding all these well and filling them in a glass bottle.

And put all this in it and keep it. Now heat a glass of water and add half a teaspoon of paste to it and drink it. This decoction will increase your immunity and also reduce body fat, it is a powerful antioxidant.

You have to consume this in the morning and evening. Friends, you have to do this for a month. After that, you can start again by giving a gap of one week.


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