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The benefits of Neem

The  benefits  of  Neem

Neem is an Indian tree. It is also found in neighboring countries of India for centuries. Like Srilanka Nepal Myanmar Bangladesh etc. Neem has been given great importance in Indian medicine.

Neem is considered the supreme medicine. Because it may be bitter in taste but it has a cure for all your diseases. Every part of the neem is like medicine for us.

Like neem leaves, neem bark, neem fruit, and neem oil. So let us go today What benefits can we get from Neem

Neem oil

Neem oil is prepared from neem fruit. It is very bitter in taste. And its color is brown. But despite this, a store of medicine is found in it.

If a scorpion or a wasp bites someone, then grinding neem leaves should be applied immediately or neem oil can also be applied. This will prevent the poison from spreading further and you will get immediate relief.

Provides relief in boils

Anti-bacterial substances are found inside neem, which gives us relief when we get boils. Method of use – Grind some leaves of neem and make it like a paste, after that apply this paste on the boils and pimples.

Wash off with cold water after 10 minutes and before drying. And you do this 3 or 4 times a day. This will give a lot of relief in boils.

Eliminates eczema 

Neem oil is an effective medicine for all types of eczema. If you are showing signs of eczema anywhere on your body, then you can use neem oil. Let us tell you that eczema treatment is possible in allopathy.

But it is a very long treatment. In which it may take from 1 month to 6 months. And it may happen again even after the treatment. Neem oil does not have any bad effects on your skin.

Prevents dandruff

Neem oil also has the ability to eliminate the dandruff on the head. If you see dandruff in your head, then understand that your hair will start falling, in such a situation, what should you do?

Take five drops of neem oil and mix 10 drops of coconut oil in it. And massage your head, keep in mind that the massage has to be done with a very light hand and only once a day for 5 minutes, you can do this continuously for 1 week,

this will eliminate dandruff on your head and improve the condition of your scalp. Life will also come, due to which the root of the hair will become strong.

Acne medicine ayurvedic

Acne mostly bothers oily skin hair, in this case, you can use a face pack made of neem leaves on the face, in this you mix one spoon of multani soil and one spoon of neem leaves face pack and add one spoon of rose water to it.

Add some water and mix it well and apply it on the face, when it dries, then wash it with cold water, it will give relief from pimples and glow on the face, as well as freckles and small spots will also disappear.

Neem oil is helpful in preventing acne on the face. If you have acne on your face, then take two to four drops of neem oil on cotton and apply it to the acne-prone area. This will cure acne quickly. The risk of infection will also be less.

Benefits of neem for face

Neem is considered the best medicine for the skin. By using neem, we can cure many types of skin diseases, as well as keep the skin healthy.

Neem bark and neem leaves are good medicine for our skin Face pack of neem bark and face pack of neem leaves are useful for our face, we can use them in many ways like face pack of neem bark mixed with rose water and applying on face ends freckles.

Along with applying a face pack of neem leaves in Multani Mitti on the face, spots on the face are reduced and acne is also relieved.

Benefits of neem in allergy

If you have any kind of allergy in your body, then you should not use soap, then it would be better for you to do what you have to do, you have to use neem in your bath water,

we will tell you how to do that. You 15 20 Neem Boil the leaves in some water, then mix that water in your bath water, this will give relief in all types of allergies in your body and allergies will be cured as soon as possible, such as ringworm,

itching, this process is very beneficial for all of them.

Benefits of neem in itching

If there is itching somewhere on our body, then our full attention is focused on it, no matter how much we move it, but our hand goes to the itchy place and it looks very ugly,

so there is no need to worry. All you have to do is mix 50 grams of neem oil, 50 grams of coconut oil, and 50 grams of camphor well and clean the part of you which has itching or itchy rash first.

After that apply this mixture well on the mother and leave it on, you will feel relief as soon as you apply it, do this once a day, and you will get relief in two-three days, which means itching will be completely cured.

Ringworm remedy 

If you have ringworm somewhere in your body, you can eliminate the rash with neem oil. All you have to do is mix neem oil and camphor together and apply it to the ringworm area twice a day.

You have to do this, your pain will end in 2 to 3 days, and keep in mind that you have to take special care of cleanliness. Ringworm is such a disease that spreads from one place to another or from one person to another, so keep in mind that you so took someone else


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