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toothache home remedies



toothache home remedies



toothache home remedies:-   If you are also more troubled by toothache. So you can adopt your home remedies for teeth. One who has trouble with teeth, cannot eat or drink anything. It hurts toothache.


In such a situation, it is not possible that you leave your work for treatment and go to the doctor again and again. That is why home treatment is needed. If you are also suffering from toothache, then you can try home remedies.

common problem

Dental problems are a common problem. But it is very unbearable.
Toothache can occur to anyone at any age. According to experts, instead of eating pain medicine in case of toothache. 


     Types of Toothache 

There are two types of tooth pain-

1 – There is severe pain in the teeth. So it is called sharp tooth pen.
        It is rapid when eating or drinking something.

2 –   Pain in this is due to eating hot or cold food. And this
       Is called Dull Tooth Pain. This pain is mild. But more
       Lasts a long time.

Causes of Toothache 


  •      Weakening of the roots of teeth. Or incorrectly cleaning teeth also           weakens the roots of teeth.
  •        Toothache also occurs due to tooth loss or cracks.
  •          There is also unbearable pain in the teeth due to wisdom tooth.
  •         Due to eating too sweet, there is pain in the teeth. If teeth are not cleaned properly after eating sweet, it also causes toothache.
  •          Teeth become weak due to lack of calcium. Due to which there may be trouble in the teeth.
  •        Pain due to bacteria in teeth is fully supported.


Causes of Dental Pain in Children


Causes of Dental Pain in Children

The problem of child’s toothache is seen a lot. This is the main reason.

Because children keep eating something again and again. Due to which the possibility of decay in the teeth remains.

What is Wisdom Tooth

A wisdom molar usually comes between 16 and 28 years. In many people it comes even after 28 years. They are very strong.  These Teeth Come Out Last. So when they do not find a place.

So these pressurize the gums. This causes unbearable pain. The pain of a single molar can last for about four to five days.

Home Remedies for Toothache


In a toothache you are asked to suppress painkillers. But this suppression can prove harmful for your health.

Cloves: Home Remedies for Toothache


Cloves: Home Remedies for Toothache

Your toothache Press and hold the clove under that tooth. You will get rest in one hour. If you want, you can also use clove oil. Apply it on cotton and keep it below the tooth. It is very effective.

Garlic : Home Remedies for Tooth



If you have more trouble with your teeth . Allicin present in it is a natural anti-bacterial mechanism. It helps prevent pain.

Asafoetida :Home Remedies to Treat Teeth Pain


Mix two pinch asafetida with lemon juice and rub it gently with cotton on the teeth for 5 minutes. Doing this will give you rest in half an hour.


 Turmeric: Home Remedies for Toothache Treatment




Turmeric is a kind of natural antibiotic. Mix Turmeric     –     salt  –      mustard oil/ and apply it on the affected teeth. It acts as a dental medicine quickly. And relieves pain.


 Baking Soda: Home Remedies for Toothache 


Squeeze a little cotton into the water. And sprinkle a pinch of baking soda in it. Then rub it on the tooth.


Your Diet for Toothache

How should people who are suffering from toothache keep their food and drink: –

  • Do not consume sweet and sticky substances at all.
  • Do not eat too cold or too hot things
  • Clean your teeth after eating anything.

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