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Toothache home remedies

Toothache home remedies

If you are also more troubled by toothache. So instead of taking antibiotics and heavy painkillers, you can adopt your own Ayurvedic and home remedies for toothache. One who has dental problems cannot eat or drink anything.

Toothache has become a common problem

When someone has a toothache then he remembers the doctor, sometimes it is not possible that us to leave our work and go to the doctor again and again for treatment.

That’s why home remedies are needed. If you are also troubled by toothache, then you can try home remedies. Dental problems are a common problem. But it gives excruciating pain.

Toothache can happen to anyone at any age. According to experts, instead of taking allopathic medicine for toothache, you should take Ayurvedic treatment because allopathic pain relievers can have a bad effect on your liver.

Types of toothache

There are two types of simple toothache

toothache home remedies

1 – While eating or drinking something, suddenly there is a very sharp and unbearable pain, it is called sharp tooth pain, it is so sharp that it reaches your head, it will seem as if you are having a headache, but it is a toothache. 

2 – The pain in this is caused by eating hot or cold food. And this is called a dull toothache. This pain is mild. But last for a long time. Long time means it happens to you continuously and slowly, you do not feel like eating anything because it catches fast after eating something.

Cause of toothache

Weakening of the roots of the teeth. Or cleaning the teeth in the wrong way also weakens the roots of the teeth.

Toothache can also be caused by tooth loss or cracks.

Due to wisdom teeth also there is unbearable pain in the teeth.

Eating too many sweets causes pain in the teeth.

If the teeth are not cleaned properly after eating sweets, then it also causes toothache.

Teeth become weak due to lack of calcium. Due to which there can be problems in the teeth.

The pain caused by bacteria in the teeth is completely cured.

Causes of Dental Pain in Children

The problem of toothache is seen mostly in children. There can be many reasons for toothache in children.

Because children keep on eating one thing or the other again and again. Due to this, there is a possibility of tooth decay.

Toothache in children can also be caused by cavities, which are caused by excessive consumption of chocolate toffee.
Sometimes toothache in children also occurs due to calcium deficiency.

During the teething of children, when the second tooth comes out under one tooth, then it becomes the cause of pain.
what is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth usually come in between 16 and 28 years. In many people, it comes even after 28 years. They are very strong. These teeth come out last.

So when they don’t get space. So they put pressure on the gums. This causes unbearable pain. The pain of a molar can last for about four to five days.

Clove: for toothache

Keep the clove under the tooth which is in pain. You will get relief in an hour. If you want, you can also use clove oil. Apply it on cotton and keep it under the tooth. It is very effective. It also kills oral bacteria and bad breath

Garlic:  for teeth

If you have more problems with your teeth. The allicin present in it is a natural anti-bacterial mechanism. It helps stop the pain. And destroys the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Due to this, the bad odor of the mouth can also be got rid of. what to do You take two cloves of garlic, crush them well, mix half a teaspoon of mustard oil in it, and gently massage the gums, you can do this twice a day, this will keep your gums healthy and your teeth too.

Asafoetida: Home Remedies To Treat Toothache

Mix two pinches of asafetida in lemon juice and gently rub it on the teeth with cotton for 5 minutes. By doing this, you will get relief in half an hour. Asafoetida and lemon have been considered the best medicine for teeth,

their use ends the yellowness of the teeth, the shine comes in the teeth and the pyorrhea in the teeth also goes away gradually. The prescription is also known as the anti-pyorrhea prescription.

Turmeric: Home Remedies To Treat Toothache

If your gums are swollen and you are not able to eat anything, then mix turmeric salt and mustard oil together and gently massage your teeth with your finger.

You have to do this for only 2 minutes a day. After that rinse with plain water, this will reduce the swelling of your gums and you will get relief from toothache.

Baking Soda: for Toothache

Squeeze some cotton in the water. And sprinkle a pinch of baking soda in it. Then rub it on the teeth. Baking soda is helpful in destroying the bacteria that cause rotting. And helps in getting instant relief from pain.

Your Diet for Toothache

People suffering from toothache should have a lot of control over their food and drink, otherwise, the disease of the teeth can increase further, which can further increase the toothache.

Do not consume sweet and sticky substances at all. Such substances stick to the teeth and cause decay.

Do not eat too cold or too hot things, because of this, your gums will soon loosen the grip of the teeth.

Brush your teeth after eating anything. Otherwise, there is a possibility of rotting in your teeth.

Before sleeping at night, do not forget to clean your teeth properly, make it your daily habit.

In case of toothache, you are asked to take painkillers. But this pressure can prove to be harmful to your health. Painkillers harm your liver, which can also worsen your stomach’s digestion system.



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