what are the high cholesterol symptoms

What are the high cholesterol symptoms?

Dear friends, please understand that if your bad cholesterol has increased, then you are in danger. The reason for this is that increased cholesterol directly affects your heart. And even a little obstruction in the work of the heart can take away your life

There are mainly two types of cholesterol

Low-density cholesterol

Low-density cholesterol. This cholesterol is not good for the heart. This cholesterol is produced in the liver. This cholesterol starts accumulating slowly in the arteries of the heart,

due to which there is an obstruction in the functioning of the heart, hence it is the cause of heart attack. It is also called bad cholesterol. We have to be most careful with low-density cholesterol. Many ways to control it have been described in Ayurveda.

High-density cholesterol

High-density cholesterol, this cholesterol is also produced in the liver only, but this type of cholesterol is not bad for the heart, but good. This increase in the amount of cholesterol shows a healthy heart.

This type of cholesterol is needed for cell formation in our body, for bile juice, and for the formation of hormones. It is excreted from our liver.

Causes of cholesterol high


1. Consuming excessive fat-rich food, some people like to eat more fried food, as a result of which bad cholesterol starts increasing in them.

2. People whose body weight is high, that is, there is excessive fat on the body, and cholesterol increases rapidly in such people, which can prove to be dangerous.

3. Not taking care of food and drink Some people are so careless that they are not able to take care of their diet, who eat mixed food or like snacks and junk food excessively, the chances of increasing bad cholesterol in such people are very high.

4. Lack of physical exercise Laziness is excessive in some people. Because of this, we are not able to do physical work and due to this the weight of the body starts increasing and cholesterol starts increasing.

5. Bad cholesterol can also be due to genetic reasons, it can go on from generation to generation, this type of symptom has been found in most of people.

6. Increase in cholesterol with age These types of symptoms have been seen increasing with age in many people but this happens with very few people.

7. The most important reasons for the increase of bad cholesterol in our body are such as consuming excessive poultry farm, consuming meat, consuming eggs, and smoking more, due to these reasons, the development of bad cholesterol in our body increases rapidly. We should minimize the intake of these things so that bad cholesterol does not increase in our bodies.


 High cholesterol


1. If you have excessive breathlessness while walking, then it may be a symptom of increasing bad cholesterol.

2. If your blood pressure has started increasing then it is dangerous because it is also a sign of increased cholesterol.

3. Having pain in the feet, being tired while walking, or bleeding in the blood of sugar patients, are all symptoms of increasing bad cholesterol.

How to control cholesterol

We cannot see the increased cholesterol but we can feel it. Generally, the problem of increasing cholesterol occurs after 45 years in men and after 40 years in women. It is not that we cannot control it, we can control it easily.

Just we have to make some changes in our regular routine like we have to take care of regular yoga practice, exercise, and diet.
For example, do not eat fried food, do not eat junk food, or ready-made food from the market, all these are more likely to increase cholesterol.

Ayurvedic medicine to lower cholesterol

1. Arogyavardhini Vati

2. Punarnava Mandur

3. Triphala powder

4. Chandraprabha Vati

5. Bark of Arjuna

Home remedies to lower cholesterol

Onion juice

Consuming one teaspoon of onion juice and one teaspoon of honey every day on an empty stomach will bring bad cholesterol under control very quickly. You should consume more and more salad in food and must eat onion in the salad. Onion is the best medicine for cholesterol.

Olive oil

Ghee, oil, and butter are the main helpers in increasing bad cholesterol. If your cholesterol is increased, reduce ghee oil and start consuming olive oil. It is assumed

Eating oats

If you consume oats regularly in the morning breakfast, then it proves to be very good for your health. It is considered a very light breakfast and it is rich in protein and fiber, which helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It happe

Fish consumption

Omega 3 fatty acid is found in fish and the amount of cholesterol is also less. very beneficial for

Eating green vegetables

Consumption of green vegetables is very important for our health. Green vegetables contain iron, vitamins, etc. You should consume raw vegetables in the form of salad along with a regular diet, which will reduce your bad cholesterol.

Eat fruit

You should consume 200 grams of fruits daily. Fiber is found in abundance in fruits, which controls your bad cholesterol. If you do not like to eat fruits, then you can take fruit juice. Fruit juice also gives energy to your body. reaches and lowers bad cholesterol

Gooseberry intake

You can consume Amla regularly. Vitamin C is found in plenty in Amla, which increases your immunity and balances cholesterol. If you want, you can drink Amla juice or eat raw Amla. Take one raw amla in the day or drink two spoons of amla juice mixed with one cup of water, it will reduce your bad cholesterol.

Consuming a mixture of lemon, ginger, garlic, onion, honey

1. Lemon  5-6 (juice)
2. Ginger Ginger 100g
3. Garlic 100g
4. Onion 100g
5. Honey 100g

Make a paste by crushing these five things together and take one spoon with warm water in the morning before breakfast. Do this continuously for fifteen days, then after a gap of one week, start again, this will not increase bad cholesterol in your body and your cholesterol balance will be

key advice

Exercise is the best way to reduce cholesterol. If you exercise daily. So your cholesterol will automatically be under control. If you are unable to exercise. So it is a simple matter.

That your cholesterol will increase and you may have to take medicines. That’s why you are advised. Do exercise every day. and be healthy.


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