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what is the benefits of bitter melon

what is the benefits of bitter melon

what are the benefits of bitter melon?


Some people avoid eating it. But bitter melon is considered a medicine for health. Some people only know that bitter melon is beneficial for diabetes. But it is not so. Bitter melon is also beneficial in many diseases.


Bitter melon is bitter in taste. But it has many advantages. Let’s know the benefits of bitter melon,

bitter melon protects us from many diseases.


loss of appetite

Friends, if you do not feel hungry then you may have chronic constipation. In this case, dry the bitter melon and grind it. Then add fenugreek, celery, and black salt to it.


Consumption method

After dinner, take a small spoon after lukewarm. You have to do this for a week. You will also feel hungry and your stomach will be clean.


beneficial for the digestive system

Bitter melon is considered a very good medicine for the digestive system. Knowing Ayurveda, bitter melon is considered a medicine for the stomach.


They believe that bitter melon has the power to cleanse the pitta inside the stomach. Which keeps the digestive system of the stomach healthy. And helps in controlling bile juice.


Beneficial in stomach ache

As we know that the root cause of all the diseases of the stomach is constipation in the stomach. Constipation is such a disease that gives us many diseases.


And bitter melon has the power to destroy constipation. If you consume bitter melon after boiling it daily for 15 days, then by consuming it, constipation of the stomach will go away and stomach pain will also be cured.


beneficial in fever

Scholars believe that bitter melon is also effective in relieving fever. Take a normal-sized bitter melon. Grind it and boil it. Now filter it and put the water in a glass.


And put 15 dry grapes in it and then let it cool down. Drink half-and-half twice, once in the morning after breakfast, then again after dinner, you can do this for 4 or 5 days,

The fever inside your body will go out and you will feel refreshed.


use for cough


If you have a cough and phlegm problem. So you boil a normal-sized bitter melon and grind it with two spoons of honey and eat it morning and evening, which will stop your cough.


Along with this, the problem of phlegm will also end, you have to do this continuously for a week.

Apart from this, bitter melon is useful for many types of diseases: –


Beneficial in eye disease
Beneficial in uterus disease
removes weakness
Provides relief from heartburn
relieves respiratory disorders
beneficial in irritability


Beneficial in piles

Constipation is the biggest cause of piles in humans. If a person is suffering from the problem of constipation in the stomach for a long time, then it is natural that he may have a disease like piles.


Bitter melon directly affects constipation. It means to say that those who eat bitter melon do not suffer from piles and bitter melon is also very helpful in keeping the stomach clean.


bitter melon juice

Bitter melon juice is considered a medicine. Which destroys all the diseases in your body. It controls your blood sugar.

Along with this, your blood pressure is also controlled. If your blood sugar has increased, then drink a glass of bitter melon juice daily, this will keep your blood sugar as well as your blood pressure under control.


purifies the blood

You must have seen that in adolescence some people get too many pimples on their faces. This is mostly due to the impurity of the blood.

To keep the blood pure, eat bitter melon and also drink bitter melon juice, it will clean your blood. The freckles and pimples of your face will also end and your skin will also improve.

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