Yoga warm-up: exercises for beginners

yoga warm-up exercises for beginners

Yoga is an ancient practice that has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its numerous physical and mental benefits. Before diving into more complex poses and sequences, a well-designed warm-up is essential to prepare the body and mind for practice.

A proper warm-up helps increase blood flow, improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injuries, and enhance the overall yoga experience. This guide presents a comprehensive collection of yoga warm-up exercises specifically tailored for beginners.

These exercises are designed to gently awaken the body, increase circulation, and promote a sense of mindfulness and relaxation.

yoga warm up
yoga warm-up

Exercise with equipment

When group exercises are performed with certain instruments, they look even more beautiful, and a musical and rhythmic atmosphere is created. For example, exercise with Legim, Dumbbell, Dand, Chakra, etc.

exercise with equipment
exercise with equipment

Yoga Number 1 Exercise-Yoga

(i) Left leg and both hands in front, palms facing each other.

(ii). Left leg to the left, hand at the side, palm towards the ground.

(iii). Number 1 position.

(iv). Yoga position (same action with right leg)

Yoga Number 2 Exercise-Yoga

(i). Left leg on the left and hands on the shoulders.

(ii). left foot to right foot, hands up

(iii). Right leg on the right side, hands on shoulders.

(iv). Yoga position (same action with right leg)

Yoga Serial 3 exercise-yoga

(i). Left leg on the left and hand on the chest in the position of salutation.

(ii). kneeling down.

(iii). To rise.

(iv). Yoga position (same action with the right leg).

Yoga Number 4 Exercise-Yoga

(i). Left leg on the left side, hands on the sides.

(ii). Clapping the right foot while turning to the left.

(iii). Right foot on the right-hand side.

(iv). Position (same action with the right leg).

Special warm yoga

Exercise yoga can be done in this way even with Danda and Chakra.

Tisha yoga

Sitting in the Tishtha Yoga position, keep your hands on your knees with clenched fists.

Sum number 1

(i). both hands forward (palms facing each other)

(ii). both arms straight up

(iii). Number 1 position.

(iv). Yoga position.

Sum number 2

(i). Both hands will be on the shoulders, and the elbow will remain on the side.

(ii). Both hands up.

(iii). Number 1 position.

(iv). Yoga position.

Sum number 3

(i). Both hands at sides.

(ii). In the position of salutation with folded hands.

(iii). Number 1 position.

(iv). Yoga position.

Sum number 4

(i). Both hands at sides.

(ii). Clap up twice.

(iii). Number 1 position.

(iv). Yoga position. 



A proper warm-up is crucial before engaging in any physical activity, including yoga. The series of warm-up exercises provided in this guide is specifically designed for beginners to gently awaken the body,

promote flexibility, and prepare the mind for a fruitful yoga practice. Remember to move with mindfulness and connect with your breath throughout the warm-up routine.

Incorporate these exercises into your regular yoga sessions, and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable yoga experience as you progress in your practice.

Always listen to your body, and if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, consult a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional before starting a yoga practice. Happy practicing!



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